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Reviews do more than influence prospects … a lot more

We all know by now that consumers reviews matter. They affect prospective buyers to buy, they help improve service through customer feedback. But did you know – they help prospects find your reviews and your website? Reviews have an OUTSIZE effect on how your website gets found. Let’s see how. 1) Improved search-ability for your product When folks search for your product – in your city – your reviews tend to mention both product and city. The search engines notice both as they crawl the web. Result is your site and reviews show up more often in the local stack and searches. So yes, REVIEWS HELP YOU GET FOUND IN THE FIRST PLACE. 2) Voice search Typing in a search query is soooo 2015. A full 20% of all searches are input directly by a voice search.  Trends suggest 50% of searches will be initiated by voice in coming years. Getting your business ranked by third-party reviews sites takes on increased importance now and for years to come. 3) Reviews Create Traffic to Your Site Research suggest that that the first thing a consumer does after reading a review is 1) they go to your site, or 2) they visit your business. Going to your site or business comprises how 75% of users react to positive reviews. That’s motivated traffic to your website. Plus savvy businesses can load keywords into their responses – adding to the power of the initial reviews. In the past businesses have paid lip-service to reviews, but now, more than ever, reviews drive motivated prospects to your website and your business. Skillful campaigns to drive...
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