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Why Choose Better Links Media?

How customers and clients find and choose your business matters in a digital world. Our experience spans over 20 years of the digital landscape. We know search for desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Plus we cultivate reviews that drive customer decisions at the moment of truth … when they decide to click on the link to your site.


Plus we’re old school too: we know that to tell your story. We tell your audience what we’re going to tell them, tell them what we’re telling them and then tell the what we’ve just told them. Sounds simple. But rarely easy. The Better Links™ team suggests the right story, the right media, and the right audience to make sure your business thrives.


icon1We create campaigns that deliver. We believe form follows function. That’s why it’s more important to us that we reach your goals and objectives. Cutting edge design has its place, but there’s no substitute for a story told well, and communicated effectively.



icon2We’ve been buying media for over 20 years, and digital media for 10. We know when and how to tailor campaigns for a wide array of target audiences.


A Team You Can Trust

icon3Every member of the teams cares about your success. It’s in our DNA. We provide deadlines, and realistic expectations we all can live with. We hire folks who are committed to using the best idea, not necessarily their idea. We expect the best from each other, so we can offer the best ideas and performance to you.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

We believe your ability to connect depends on better links to reach your customer. Better links to your website, better links from great reviews. The digital landscape is eternally evolving. Providing you better links regardless from where they stem is our in our DNA. We named the company after our vision: Better Links™ Media.

Our Values

Telling your story well, and powerfully is our driving force. We do that with honesty and integrity, every story, every day. Using the power of search-directed media and optimization drives your message home to millions, one story at a time.

Our Mantra

1. Stay Positive
Our days are full of challenges. Staying positive keeps our energy and focus true.

2. Send Love
Sending love to our clients, our team and our friends and family creates the energy we like to have around.

3. Be Happy
Do the stuff that keeps us alive and vital. A happy team is an imaginative and focused team.

4. Kick Ass
We approach every day with long-held experience and the curiosity and vigor of beginner’s mind.

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